Friday, September 18, 2009

More Reasons The Disabled Should Welcome Reform | The New Republic

by Harold Pollack

The disability community has played a puzzlingly small role in the health care debate. Advocacy groups have been active around the country and on Capitol Hill. Yet public perceptions have not caught up with the reality that each of the Senate and House bills now being considered would be hugely beneficial to Americans who live with physical or mental disabilities. Although word has (mostly) gotten out that there is no such thing as death panels, public conversation has failed to track what the leading bills would accomplish, and what they will probably leave undone, in addressing the particular needs of people living with chronic disabilities.

Today, Family Voices, one of America’s leading advocacy groups for children and youth with special needs, has weighed in. Their statement is shown below. This group credibly speaks for a large proportion of families facing these medical, educational, economic, and social challenges.

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