Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On the Road to a High Performance Health System: Changing Course and Making History - The Commonwealth Fund

Testimony by Karen Davis

Thank you for this opportunity to present my assessment of the urgent need for health care reform. President Obama has made a forceful case for health reform, stressing the imperative of action on the goals of ensuring stability and security of health insurance coverage for those who have it, providing insurance for those who don't, and slowing the rise in health care costs for employers, families, and government. He set forth a pragmatic plan, building on what works and fixing what doesn't, while signaling his openness to the best ideas from all. Congress has taken unprecedented steps toward passing comprehensive reform that achieves these goals and moves our system down the path to high performance. As the President stressed, after a century of inaction, now is the season to act and failure is not an option. It is too important to those who are harmed by our inadequate insurance system, too important to our economy, and too important to our character as a country.

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