Monday, February 15, 2010

Greying Gays: Not So Silent Anymore - EDGE New England

by Scott Stiffler

Very few of us spend much time contemplating our own death. Even fewer of us devote much thought to the notion that just before the final curtain comes life’s third and final act: old age. Denial buys us a little more time to have another drink and cruise a little twink. The good news? Some of those twinks are ditching their daddy fetish in favor of hooking up with grandpa. More on that later.

But old age is coming, so get ready for it; because barring any unforeseen disaster, we’re all headed there - and charismatic lesbian financial guru Suze Orman seems to be the only one warning that you better have a plan before senior citizenship knocks on your door and bites you in the ass!

Perhaps that’s why as we age, society finds enormous comfort in rendering its aged population increasingly invisible. They’re disregarded as out of touch, senile or irrelevant - so as to put our own inevitable march towards the land of wrinkles, Social Security on the far back burner.

Now add to that mix LGBT identity - which comes with its own cultural consequence of invisibility. What’s worse, LGBTs seem to confront the typical problems of heterosexual aging at an earlier age.
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