Friday, February 12, 2010

Publication Of The Review Of The Elder Abuse Framework And Structures, Ireland

from Medical News Today

Ms Mary Harney, T.D., Minister for Health and Children, published the Review of the Elder Abuse Service. The Minister welcomed the Report which found that "progress was most evident and pronounced in the health sector". The HSE Elder Abuse Service is comprised of a dedicated staffing structure throughout the country, unified data collection, national and regional oversight mechanisms, a research facility and awareness and training programmes. "While there is more work to be done in this area, we have a good foundation in place, and work has started on implementing the recommendations in the Report" the Minister noted.

Ms Áine Brady, T.D., Minister for Older People and Health Promotion stated that "over 1,800 allegations of elder abuse were referred to the HSE in 2008, compared to over 900 in 2007". Paradoxically any increase in numbers is a good thing as this shows that the structures are in place and working. She re-iterated the Governments' commitment to tackle all instances of elder abuse.

The Review makes recommendations around three main areas:- a) Strengthening existing institutional arrangements, accelerating progress on existing recommendations in Protecting our Future and addressing emerging areas of concern. Commenting on the progress made in implementing the recommendations in the Report Minister Harney stated "Performance and Activity Indicators have been developed which will assist in monitoring and planning for the Service into the future. In addition, an Action Plan has been developed, in conjunction with the HSE, to implement the outstanding proposals in the Report".
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