Thursday, January 6, 2011

Consumer Voice Expands Project

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care (formerly NCCNHR), also known as the Consumer Voice, is pleased to announce the expansion of its project Consumers for Quality Care, No Matter Where into California through support from The SCAN Foundation. In California, the Consumer Voice will partner with state and local organizations to develop strategies to address key public policy issues and to enable a strong consumer voice around the need for accessible, well-coordinated, quality care.

Consumers for Quality Care, No Matter Where, is a three-year project (also funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies - see the September 29 press release at, expanding the organization's national grassroots advocacy network to focus on health care issues faced by older long-term care consumers requiring care in their homes or communities. As part of the grant, the Consumer Voice will develop models for engaging consumers through five state pilot projects, including California. The project will also facilitate collaboration among national organizations to implement health reform, create a consumer perspectives report with policy recommendations responsive to the needs of a diverse, aging population and provide training and funding for consumer advocates.

In the California pilot, the Consumer Voice will establish an advisory council, which will identify issues and barriers for the state's long-term care consumers. The project also includes training opportunities for California consumers and their advocates to effectively participate in systemic advocacy as well as educate them on issues specific to home and community-based services; it will conduct outreach in the state in order to compile the consumer perspectives report.

"The Consumer Voice has a long history of advocating for quality care in nursing homes," said Sarah F. Wells, executive director. "We now look forward to successfully advancing consumer advocacy in all care settings. With The SCAN Foundation's additional support to expand our three-year consumer advocacy project, the Consumer Voice has an invaluable opportunity to partner with consumers and advocates in California."

The Consumer Voice is widely recognized as the only national organization bringing consumers' voices directly to federal policy discussions and was instrumental in passing the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act, which created the framework for nursing home regulation and consumer protection. The organization was also a leader in the passage of the Nursing Home Transparency and Improvement Act, the Elder Justice Act and the Patient Safety Act in the Affordable Care Act.

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The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded as the National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR) in 1975 by Elma Holder. The organization represents the consumer voice at the national level for quality long-term care, services and supports by advocating for public policies that support quality care and quality of life responsive to consumers' needs in all long-term-care settings; empowering and educating consumers and families with the knowledge and tools they need to advocate for themselves; training and supporting individuals and groups that empower and advocate for consumers of long-term care; and promoting the critical role of direct-care workers and best practices in quality-care delivery.

The SCAN Foundation, based in Long Beach, California is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the development of a sustainable continuum of quality care for seniors that integrates medical treatment and human services in the settings most appropriate to their needs. The SCAN Foundation supports programs that stimulate public engagement, development of realistic public policy and financing options, and dissemination of promising care models and technologies. For more information, please visit

Consumer Voice Expands Project
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