Thursday, January 27, 2011

Long Term Care Discussion Group - New Website

The Long Term Care Discussion Group is an informal non-partisan networking group of long term care (LTC) policy stakeholders. It meets monthly in Washington, DC (with telephone access when logistics allow) to hear from policymakers, practitioners, researchers, advocates and others regarding long term care policy issues, research, education and advocacy. Participants include stakeholders from the LTC insurance industry, the provider community, researchers and academics, federal government agencies, Capitol Hill, consumer advocates and others.

Topics covered in recent years include: White House perspectives on LTC initiatives, the federal government's LTC consumer awareness efforts, House and Senate briefings on various Hill proposals and others. Research topics have included the Long Term Care Admissions Cohort Study, an analysis of the impact of state tax incentives for LTC insurance; and state requirements for in-home worker safety checks. Recent topics included a discussion of the newly enacted CLASS Act, Advance Directives, Caregiver Needs and Supports, and other topics.

Its website includes resource materials used by presenters in the monthly meetings.
Long Term Care Discussion Group
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