Friday, January 7, 2011

Wheelchair Tennis Unites Able-bodied Tennis Players | Wheelchair Accessibility Blog and Disability News

by Destiny in the Disability News

The Grand Rapids Wheelchair Sports Association has brought together Beth Redford, a tennis player in a wheelchair, and Karen Reid, an able-bodied player, in the adult doubles tournament. There’s no doubt the duo will make a great team sharing the same mentality.

“When it comes to tennis we don’t want to get beat, “says Reid.

This will be the Grand Rapids Wheelchair Sports Association’s 30th year celebration while hosting the 7th annual adult doubles charity tennis tournament. The event will be held January 7th-9th at the Ramblewood Tennis & Health Club in Grandville, Michigan. The tournament is actually an able-bodied tournament, but that won’t hold Redford back from participating with her teammate Reid who just so happens to be a tennis instructor. “Bring it on,” is how Redford felt about competing with their opponents.

“We talked about it this summer and said let’s do it, this is the first time we will play able-bodied players, and we are excited to take on the challenge,” Redford stated.

Though they will be at a slight disadvantage competing against two able-bodied teammates, they don’t seem too worried about it. There is a crew that GRWSA offers known as One Up, One Down league, made of double teams featuring one player sitting and one standing. This is aimed to bring people together and hopefully enlighten able-bodied people along with people with disabilities.

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