Thursday, March 31, 2011

AARP Bulletin Offers The Medicare Starter Kit

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - M...Image via WikipediaMore than 70 million people will become eligible for Medicare in the next two decades, and beginning this year, one boomer will turn 65 every eight seconds. But many Boomers know zip about Medicare. Do you need it? What does it cover? When should you sign up?

Because Medicare is not a “one size fits all” insurance program, the April issue of AARP Bulletin (in homes tomorrow) offers readers the Medicare Starter Kit—a special eight-page insert to help Boomers navigate the options and determine what the best next step for them may be.

Available online NOW at AARP Bulletin breaks down:

The Top Eight Do's and Don'ts of Medicare
What Medicare Covers and What it Costs
- How to Qualify and When to Enroll
- Figuring Out Your Choices
- Where to get help
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