Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bronx Grannies Hold Bake Sale to Save Grandparent Apartments, Threatened by NY State Budget Cuts


Some Bronx grandmothers are raising money - one cake at a time - to offset more than $300,000 in state budget cuts to the funding for their unique residence.
The bake sales are a desperate attempt to sustain programs and services, from 24-hour security to after-school tutoring, at Grandparent Family Apartments.
When it opened in 2005, the Morrisania building was the first such facility in the nation for low-income grandparents raising grandchildren.
"These cuts are going to hurt," said Annie Barnes, 68, who cares for two grandchildren. "But our grandchildren need us. We'll continue to sacrifice for them."
A handful of grandmothers gathered yesterday to discuss bake sale strategy in a bright basement room of the building, where handmade Easter bunnies and colorful mobiles decorated the halls.
Most have cared for their grandchildren since birth. Their children are absent parents - sick, murdered, missing or in jail.

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