Sunday, April 3, 2011

Establishing a Person-Centered Culture in a VA Nursing Home

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The Veterans Administration has taken up the model of person-centered care, asking administrators throughout its health care system to modify their facilities and train their staff accordingly. Staff from the VA’s newly-renamed Haley’s Cove Community Living Center (HCCLC) in Tampa, Florida recently published a case study on their own shift to the patient-centered model.

HCCLC assigned an ethics committee responsible for providing oversight and education on patient autonomy, and which reviews ethical issues that arise in providing care. The case study provides examples, including a resident asking to stay outside on the patio on sleepless nights. The case study presents how the committee and staff established a plan to encourage the resident’s autonomy without putting him or other residents at risk. Other examples include allowing residents more choice in diet and dining, and providing support for residents who want to dine out.
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