Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Volunteer Week Part 2 of 6: Frank J. Kormos, “The Outstanding Older Texan”

by Leah Scanlan AARP Driver Safety Program

Meet Frank.

 Frank has been volunteering in some way since he was 20 years old.

Today, at age 96, Frank is AARP Texas’ oldest volunteer and has 76 years of volunteer experience under his belt.

 Frank started volunteering for the AARP Driver Safety Program in September of 1989. Over the past 21 years, he has served as an Instructor, Assistant State Coordinator, Associate State Coordinator, and most recently a Marketing Specialist for the AARP Driver Safety Program. He has instructed over 150 classes during his volunteer career.

 In 1993, Frank received the “Outstanding Older Texan Award” from the management of the Richardson Senior Center where he taught courses.

As a Marketing Specialist, Frank devotes 20-45 hours a week to answering emails, writing advertisements, assisting other DSP volunteers, and researching new ways to get the word out about the AARP Driver Safety Program. More recently, Frank has embraced social media and has begun using Facebook to reach out to prospective students and volunteers.

 When asked what the most rewarding part about being an AARP Driver Safety Program is Frank replied, “The ability to persuade someone to attend a class that can potentially teach him or her things that will save his or her life.”

 He goes on to explain that the course is much more than just giving people discounts on car insurance. “This course is about saving lives.”

 Frank, the AARP DSP staff would like to thank you for your 21 years of dedication to the AARP Driver Safety Program. You have helped to promote safer driving and make a real difference in the lives of people in your Texas community.

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