Saturday, January 29, 2011

QuickStats: Age-Adjusted Daily Kilocalorie Intake Among Adults Aged 20--74 Years, by Sex --- National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, United States, 1971--2008*

The figure above shows age-adjusted daily kilocalorie intake among adults aged 20-74 years, by sex, in the United States, during 1971-2008. The average daily kilocalorie intake for men increased from the period 1971-1974 to 1988-1994 and then leveled off through 2007-2008. For women, the average daily kilocalorie intake increased from the period 1971-1974 to 1999-2000 and remained relatively stable through 2007-2008. Throughout the period 1971-1974 through 2007-2008, men consumed more kilocalorie on a daily basis than women. 
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