Monday, February 21, 2011

Artwork From Experienced Hands -

by Paula Span

Amy Henderson knew the name she chose would be provocative. She was opening an airy 1,400-square-foot space in Portland, Ore., for artists over age 60, and she christened it The Geezer Gallery.

“It’s memorable,” she said. “It’s edgy. Laughing at oneself is a sign of maturity.” I wonder, not for the first time, why so many smart ideas about aging originate in the Pacific Northwest.

About 60 older artists have been selected to display their work — paintings and prints, sculpture, photography, furniture, jewelry, ceramics — at the gallery itself. But there are many others who lend their art to traveling shows that visit retirement communities or exhibit at local businesses.

“There are so many older artists who found their passion after they retired,” said Ms. Henderson, probably one of the world’s few interior designer-turned-gerontologists. “They’re talented. They want to show their work and be appreciated.”
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