Monday, February 21, 2011

Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging Identifies 10 Senior Living Trends | Aging In Action

by Linda Hollinger-Smith - Aging In Action blog

Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging derived 10 top senior living trends after surveying 600 senior living organizations representing more than 1,000 communities from 15 states. Trends indicate that older adult living communities and care providers must anticipate and cater to the personal needs and interests of residents by offering options beyond the basics and include more comprehensive provision for in-home care.

Trends are identified to allow developers and providers to address opportunities and create innovations to help shape the future of senior living relative to services, programs, amenities, and design. The ultimate goal is to create environments and lifestyles where people want to live, not where they need to live.

Based on survey results, the following are the top 10 emerging senior living trends.

1, Senior living residents are choosing to “age in place.”

2. Health and wellness programs and services are top priorities.

3. Technology will be key to promoting and sustaining independent lifestyles among senior living residents.

4. Resident programs must focus on meaningful activities and intellectual stimulation.

5. Senior living providers will provide services “beyond” their four walls.

6. Long-term care is transforming to support person-directed care and meaningful relationships.

7. Residents are demanding “customized services” driving the need for senior living providers to offer a customer-driven portfolio of services and programs.

8. Language, perceptions, and attitudes of care providers must be updated to reflect changing older adults’ needs and expectations.

9. Senior living industry may become a hotbed for job creation.

10. Above all, consumers want choices and value.
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