Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mobility Counseling: Principles and Core Components

Drs. Tom Meuser and Marla Berg-Weger discuss their recent, NCST funded research on readiness for driving transitions, including the principles and core components of mobility counseling, in a free audio conference. Dr. Berg-Weger, co-chair of the Gerontological Society of America’s Transportation and Aging Interest Group summarizes, “Mobility counseling is a new and growing area as persons living into their eighth and ninth decades of life will likely need to retire from driving and find alternative means of remaining mobile. A person-centered approach to mobility counseling that integrates meanings and emotions is an important first step.”

This conference will also introduce the Assessment of Readiness for Mobility Transition tool developed to assist practitioners working with older adults who can no longer drive a vehicle safely. Through the use of this tool, a mobility counselor can develop a shared understanding of what is occurring and finds ways to intervene to promote effective planning for the future and possible transitions. The ARMT tool is designed to support this process by raising key concerns about mobility (i.e., those expressed by other adults of various ages and levels of functional ability) and by placing those concerns on the table for active discussion and planning. Responses will help inform mobility counselors as to what approaches and messages would be more likely to resonate with individuals.


  • Lucinda Shannon, National Center on Senior Transportation


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