Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Social Media and the Online Lives of Baby Boomers: A Conversation with Jeff Taylor,

Much to the dismay of their children, baby boomers are online and doing more than checking out pictures of family members and exchanging recipes. Boomers are moving to online communities to help them with the daily ‘jobs’ of midlife and older age. Certainly these online jobs include the common activities of shopping and email. However, an increasing number of midlife-plus users are using social media as an important platform to research, choose, validate and adopt products and services. Living online for older users (in sharp contrast to most younger digerati) includes using the web and making new ‘friends’ to help with critical choices and behaviors that support health, caregiving, financial services, retirement planning, employment hunting and networking and yes, even fun and leisure.

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  1. Social media is great for boomers, enabling them to stay connected to friends and family. These types of internet activities are becoming so popular that they are even influencing the hardware itself. In fact, in the spring we will be introducing a computer specifically designed for adults and seniors. Thanks for sharing the video!