Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Data on CHIPRA, Medical Malpractice, Childhood Obesity Laws, HCBS, State Budgets, and More has recently added new and updated data on Demographics & the Economy, Health Status, Medicaid & CHIP, Medicare, Providers & Service Use, Minority Health, HIV/AIDS, and Health Reform. You can also view a list of all recent updates.

Demographics & the Economy

  • State Fiscal Distress
    Measures of aggregate state rankings in foreclosures, unemployment, and food stamp participation have been updated with the latest information from RealtyTrac, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Updated data on states with projected budget shortfalls for state fiscal year (SFY) 2012 have been added from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP).
  • State Budgets
    The latest state-by-state information from the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) on total state expenditures, per capita state spending, and the distribution of general fund spending is available for SFY2009.
  • State or Federal Inmates
    Updated data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics on the number of adult prisoners under state jurisdiction, adult prisoners by gender, and the incarceration rate per 100,000 population have been added for all states and the nation for 2009.
  • Union Employees
    Information on the number of workers represented by unions has been updated for 2010 based on data from the BLS.
  • Cigarette Excise Tax
    The most recent data from the American Lung Association on state cigarette excise taxes are available for 2010.
  • Childhood Obesity and Firearm Safety
    The latest data on state laws addressing childhood obesity and states with firearm laws designed to protect children are now available for 2010 from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ State Legislation Report.
  • Public Place Smoking Bans
    Updated information on states with public place smoking bans has been added for all states from the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation for 2011.
  • Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility New
    New data from the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured (KCMU) and the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families on CHIP program type and children’s upper income eligibility limit for Medicaid/CHIP have been added as of January 2011.
  • Co-Payments and Premiums for Children in Medicaid/CHIP New
    Also new from KCMU and Georgetown University is information on premium and co-payment amounts and requirements as of January 2011.
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) New
    New data on state adoption of coverage and enrollment options in CHIPRA have been added for all states and the nation as of January 2011 from KCMU and Georgetown University. Also new are data on CHIPRA performance bonus awards for FY2009 and FY2010 from
  • Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)
    Updated data from KCMU and University of California at San Francisco analysis of CMS Form 372 are now available for all states and the nation for 2007. Updated topics include total HCBS waivers, expenditures by waiver type, aged/disabled participants, home health participants, and personal care expenditures.
  • State Medicaid Spending
    The latest information from NASBO on the distribution of state Medicaid spending has been added for all states and the nation for SFY2009.
  • Medicare Drug Benefit
    The latest data on Medicare beneficiaries with prescription drug coverage and low-income subsidy eligible beneficiaries with Medicare prescription drug coverage have been added from the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) as of February 2010.
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)
    Updated data from Mathematica Policy Research and Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) analysis of the CMS Prescription Drug Landscape File on the number of Medicare PDPs, PDPs with no deductible, and PDPs with no coverage in the benefit gap are available for all states and the nation for 2011.
  • Medicare Advantage
    Data on the number of Medicare Advantage contracts and Medicare special needs plan (SNP) offerings have been updated for 2011 from KFF analysis of CMS Landscape Source files.
  • Medicare Service Use
    The most recent information on Medicare service use, including short-stay hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health services, has been added from CMS for 2009.
  • Medical Malpractice
    Updated data from KFF analysis of the National Practitioner Data Bank Public Use Data File on the number of paid medical malpractice claims, total dollars in paid claims, and average claims payments are now available for all states and the nation for 2009. 
  • Medical School Graduates
    The latest information on the number of medical school graduates and medical school graduates by gender has been added from the Association of American Medical Colleges for 2010. Data from 2002 through 2010 are available for trend analysis.
  • Medical School Graduates
    Also updated from the Association of American Medical Colleges are state-by-state data on medical school graduates by race/ethnicity and Hispanic ethnicity.
  • Syringe Exchange Programs
    The most recent information from the North American Syringe Exchange Network on states with sterile syringe exchange programs has been added for 2011.
  • Federal Lawsuit
    Updated information on states that have joined the federal lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act is now available from the National Council of State Legislatures for 2011. is a Kaiser Family Foundation website.
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