Sunday, January 9, 2011

1 in 6 Caregivers Uses Mobile Technology -- AARP Technology

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by: AARP Technology

AARP released today an original survey titled, "Health and Caregiving among the 50+: Ownership, Use and Interest in Mobile Technology" that demonstrates that half of people 50 and over use — or are at least somewhat interested in using — mobile technology for their health. Among caregivers of people age 50 and over, one in six uses a mobile technology to track the health of their care recipient.

The majority of people 50 and over own some type of mobile technology and nearly eight out of 10 own a cell phone. Not surprisingly, cell phones are the most frequently mentioned mobile device that respondents say they take with them when they leave home.

While cell phones could be a productive means of communicating with this audience about health issues, respondents' receptivity varies by how the technology is to be used. However, there is substantial interest in using mobile technology to track one's own health.
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